About Us

Pictured: a chocolate bar being wrapped in our signature royal blue label by a Simplicity Chocolate team member.


Hey there!

Welcome to Simplicity Chocolate. We’re glad you’re here. You see, we’re big-time chocolate lovers over here and since you’ve clicked on our site, we assume you are too. We started this company for people just like you; the sophisticated palate. Like us, you enjoy the luxury of a good bar of chocolate; and now, you know exactly where to get it. You just found your new chocolate fix!

Our gourmet chocolate bars are ethically and sustainably sourced in Ghana, Africa, where some of the best cocoa in the world is grown.

We’ve got a simple business model:

We’ve cut out the middle-man by harvesting and processing our cocoa at the source. This ensures that when your chocolate arrives, it is as fresh as the day it was made. Our chocolate is manufactured and packaged by caring hands. Those hands earn a fair, living wage and never involve illegal child labor.

We’ve got a simple ingredients list:

We make real, gourmet quality chocolate. Our ingredients list is short and simple. When you’ve got a product like ours, you don’t need to add anything else. Simplicity Chocolate isn’t just good, it’s an experience.

We’ve got a simple philosophy:

Our flavor offerings are authentic. There’s no need to complicate things by adding anything extra. We don’t do artificial flavors or ingredients. We don’t do fillers. We just make great chocolate. Get ready to enjoy the “dignity of simplicity.”

Thanks for giving us a try,



Pictured: a Simplicity Chocolate team member inserts a wrapped chocolate bar into the signature Simplicity royal blue wrapper.



We’re new to the chocolate biz, but we’re hoping that YOU will change that. How? So glad you asked.

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