Pictured: freshly harvested cocoa beans drying in the sun in front of cocoa trees. Ghana, Africa.
Q. How would you describe Simplicity Chocolate?
A. Simplicity Chocolate is for the sophisticated palate...a true chocolate lover. Our chocolate is full-bodied and full of flavor; just like our CEO. If you love the purity and taste of real chocolate without all the "excess," get ready to experience the "dignity of simplicity."
Q. What's unique/special about Simplicity Chocolate?
A. At Simplicity Chocolate, we keep it simple and let the chocolate speak for itself. There are no fillers or flashy, artificial ingredients. Just. Great. Chocolate.
Q. Why choose Simplicity Chocolate?
A.  You can trust us. With Simplicity Chocolate you don't have to worry about the effects of artificial ingredients. You can be sure that you can read and pronounce every ingredient on our label.
Q. Is your manufacturing process ethical and sustainable?
A. Simplicity Chocolate is processed at the source. You can rest assured that our process is fair trade and sustainable. Honest, living wages are paid and no child labor is involved in our manufacturing.