73% Dark Chocolate with Toasted Coconut

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Dark Chocolate is such a refined flavor. Our dark chocolate is great for a snack between lunch and dinner. It’s also a great pick me up when you’ve got a craving for a treat or want to reward yourself for making it through the week with no cheat meals 😊. Toss in a bit of toasted coconut and take the flavor up just a notch! Our dark chocolate bar also comes in sea salt and almond versions.


Are you planning on pairing this chocolate with wine or cheese? We’ve got you covered!

This chocolate pairs best with a syrah/shiraz, port, Zinfandel, or sherry. Dark chocolate also goes great with blue cheese.


Fun Fact: Dark chocolate has health benefits! Cocoa improves blood pressure and platelet aggregation (Asimina & Williamson, 2015).


Why you’ll love it: Dark chocolate is often referred to as an “acquired taste.” Some liken the flavor to bitter and/or sharp. Our dark chocolate is 73% cocoa, but is balanced well with cocoa butter and sugar to leave just the right “bite.” The balance of the dark chocolate, coupled with sea salt makes it winning combination. Your tastebuds will thank you.


*Our chocolate bars are manufactured in a facility that also processes nuts and milk products